Well-being… There is a lot said about it these days. With the pandemia hitting with the second wave across the world our well-being is effected by so many aspects. Sitting in front of the computer the whole day, being lost between roles as a mum, a teacher, a colleague, a entrepreneur, a wife, a cook, a housekeeper (and the list does not end here) is now a common feeling (at least for me for sure…).


 What are those tricks that help you maintain your well-being? How can you prevent the quarantine syndrome? Well, there are easy tips i can help you with! Build healthy habits: pay attention to your needs, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, build connections with friends and family in all the possible and cautious ways. Meditate or relax. Spend quality time with your family with all electronic devices switched off. 🙂


 Sounds easy – right? To be honest, it is not. Building new habits takes a lot of dedication, time and effort. But once built it boosts your self-confidence, your well-being and all in all – makes the world a shiny place for you. 🙂 An accountability partner always helps in the process of getting into a new routine – let me be yours! 🙂