SILVIA GalambosI

Relocation Coach

‘You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.’
Christopher Columbus 

Yes… Palm trees. Sunshine. Soft and warm sand between my toes.

New birdsong in the air and the smell of the sea surrounding me.
I am happy.

Or at least I should be…

This is what I have always wanted, what I have been dreaming of.

I wanted to live by the sea and work remotely. Meet new people, get to know a new culture. Here I am living my dream.

So there must be something wrong with me… I miss home.

I feel lost.

I feel disconnected from the world.

I am lonely.

I am insecure.

I don’t see what brought me here anymore….

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~ Have you ever moved countries and settled down in a new environment?

~ Have you ever experienced (or experiencing right now) that after the first few weeks / months of joy and happiness you are feeling low and losing enthusiasm?

Settling in a new environment, finding new connections and a new meaning to your life can be hard.

Relaocation coaching

Why choose me?

As a previous leader of the department handling international assignments at one of the biggest multinational companies I know what it takes to move within countries.
I have been there myself…

With this last move altogether 10 times. Out of these 10, I have moved twice with small kids. Are you a trailing spouse?
I know how it feels…

As a coach I have worked with clients in different life situations and guided them through the storms of their lives.
With great success…

Need a pilot for your boat to arrive at the newest harbor?
Reach out to me. ‘Cause there IS sunshine.

My values:

Being present

I will give you the attention you need at this difficult and sometimes confusing time.


I will listen to you and sooth your thoughts, will support you to switch perspective and rationalize (or emotionalize) what is happening to you right now.


I will be your (marine) pilot to navigate through the choppy waves until you get to calm seas and reach your docking pier – with all the confidence and new ideas you need to make your dream of living somewhere else come true – not only literally but in your heart and soul as well.


You will be happy, fulfilled and full of joy to have settled in finally in your new location! (:


Life-long-learning and curiosity seasoned with own experience both in my professional and private life – give me the values to support you. 

What is coaching?
When do we need it?

Coaching is a form of development in which the coach, supports the learner or client (coachee) in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, guidance at one hand and full attention, great questions on the other.
Look at the questions and thoughts here →

Relocation coaching

When your life circumstances change your priorities might change as well. You can find support in establishing a new life and finding your own balance.

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-confidence

Throughout the coaching process (usually 5-6 occasions) you have the chance to turn your attention to YOURSELF and find your own answers.

Personal consultancy

Have you set your goals, it is just to hard to stick with them? Need someone to guide you through, help you find your own way in achieving that is so important for you? Need an accountability partner?

30 mins get-to-know me session

Click here to sign up for your 30 mins get-to-know me session and let’s build your path together!

69 USD


Take this opportunity to connect with me – put a face to the name and figure out if you can relate to the way I work. Connection is key in coaching – let’s see if we are a match. 🙂 

1 coaching session

The coaching sessions are 60 mins at the price of 129 USD.

129 USD


 After the get-to-know me session we can progress with just signing up for the next 1 session and take it from there. Coaching is rarely ‘completed’ at one go, it is a process of usually 5-6 occasions. You can pay as you go, or check out the next option… 

6 coaching sessions

You can also sign up for the medium package of 6 sessions for 699 USD.

699 USD


Sign up for 6 sessions and enjoy the advantage of getting 75 USD discount!

Premium package of 10 sessions

give yourself the Premium package of 10 sessions for 1159 USD – you get one session free!

1159 USD


Does it feel like having the longer term support fits your needs best? This is your solution! 

What others said about me

“If you aim for personal growth, group or organizational development you are at the right spot with Silvia.”

Orsolya Muhari, Resiliem

“Silvia is a natural. She was born to be a coach. Ever since I’ve known her, I have learned a lot about myself, my competencies and how to apply them. She is the best support in problem solving!”

Ágnes Göcző, Marketingjam

“In Silvia, I found the support I have always been looking for. Whenever I talk to her I have great flashes of recognition and I get to see my own journey clearer and clearer each time.”

Anikó Fekete, Organikon

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!


Are you available online?

Yes, by all means. Currently I live in Szolnok, Hungary. However ONLINE is my biggest playground. Let it be individual coaching sessions, group coaching occasions, lectures, training or meetings – ONLINE is where it all happens.

How does a coaching session look (feel) like?

Glad you asked. It is rearly just one occasion. Usually we meet 5-6 times within a period of 6-8 weeks. From building trust and connection thru setting goals and finding ways to action planning I guide you as a pilot navigates a boat in hazardous waters. (It feels good. 😉 )

How long is a coaching session?

60-90 minutes, depending on your needs and preference.