Yes… Palm trees. Sunshine. Soft and warm sand between my toes. New bird-songs in the air and the smell of the sea surrounding me. I am happy. Or at least I should be… This is what I have always wanted, what I have been dreaming of. I wanted to live by the sea and work remotely. Meet new people, get to know a new culture. Here I am living my dream. So there must be something wrong with me… I miss home. I feel lost. I feel disconnected from the world. I am lonely. I am insecure. I don’t see what brought me here anymore….
Have you ever moved countries and settled down in a new environment? Have you ever experienced that after the first few weeks / months of joy and happiness you are feeling low and losing enthusiasm?
Settling in a new environment, finding new connections and a new meaning to your life is never easy.
As a previous leader of the department handling international assignments at one of the biggest multinational companies I know what it takes to move within countries. I have been there myself… with this last move altogether 10 times. Out of these 10, twice with small kids. As a coach I have worked with clients in different life situations and guided them through the storms of their lives. Need a pilot for your boat to arrive at the newest harbor? Reach out to me. ‘Cause there IS sunshine.