Did you know that ‘you are the average of the 5 people’ that surrounds you most of the time? Now let’s count who they are. Your colleagues, your friends, your other-half, your kids?

As a working Mum I had a balanced life, with great projects I had worked on, great thinking minds around me day-to-day and a balanced life in all other ways as well: in my family life and as an individual. Then COVID hit in March 2020, and all went pear-shaped. With kids at home and with reduced workload and possibilities to connect with like-minded thinkers I felt I was somehow loosing focus, and the waves around me started to swell. I was in a desperate need of intellectual connections and advise regarding my business as well as a ‘how-do-you-handle-it?’ support.

Just at the perfect moment in the beginning of May I got a call from a colleague and friend asking me if I felt like connecting with her and gather a little group around us to think together and find answers to the questions we have regarding our businesses. Soon there was another message with the same idea from another lady and the 3 of us by the end of May we created our own little MasterMind group. 5 ladies, all in their 40s, running small businesses with very similar struggles and situations. Oh how happy and grateful I felt!

So the 5 of us have been meeting ever since on a regular basis, every 3-4 weeks for 3-4 hours. We started of course by setting our own norms and devoted a full afternoon to getting to know each-other with the help of a group coaching session using Resource Cards I facilitated for the group. Creative thinking and problem solving, listening to each-others problems, dilemmas and giving advice, just listening and understanding – providing emotional support are all parts of the gatherings. I can confidently say that by now we have grown to be friends as well. I have gained a lot of insight, ideas and understanding, have had the best support I needed. On the other hand I could give back to the group and the individuals in it as well. I am grateful and happy to be the average of the 5 people I am surrounded with. 🙂

So are you ready to raise you own average? 🙂