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Are you available online?

Yes, by all means. Currently I live in Szolnok, Hungary. However ONLINE is my biggest playground. Let it be individual coaching sessions, group coaching occasions, lectures, training or meetings – ONLINE is where it all happens.

How does a coaching session look (feel) like?

Glad you asked. It is rearly just one occasion. Usually we meet 5-6 times within a period of 6-8 weeks. From building trust and connection thru setting goals and finding ways to action planning I guide you as a pilot navigates a boat in hazardous waters. (It feels good. 😉 )

How long is a coaching session?

60-90 minutes, depending on your needs and preference.

How does organizational development start at my company?

It starts by getting in contact to outline the best solution to your individual situation and needs.

Online Coaching Opportunities

Well-Being Individual Coaching

How does the science of psychology support personal well-being? 

Mastermind Group Coaching

You are the avarage of the five people that are around you most of the time…

Action Learning Group Coaching

Different minds – different ideas. Take the most out of your group and develop together! 

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