SILVIA GalambosI

Coach, Consultant & Organizational Development Pilot

‘You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.’ Christopher Columbus 

Personal Life Coaching

Are you in a big storm of your own ocean?
Or have you already crossed the sea and just find it hard to navigate in your new life?

Organizational Development Consulting

Are you the captain of your company? A pilot can assist in maneuvering amid the biggest storms. 

My job as a consultant, coach and organizational development pilot is way more than tackling the problems of my clients.
I can teach / help all who turn to me for advice when sailing through the storms how to reach their inner strength under difficult circumstances,
how to take courage amid fear or uncertainty, and how to view challenges as adventures.

As an organizational development consultant, I support enterprises during their organizational voyage.

As a life coach I assist my clients in achieving a higher quality of life that brings them more success and joy.

Relocation coaching

Have moved to a new environment & find it hard to navigate in your new life?

The Science of Well-Being

What is it that really  makes you feel fulfilled?


Are your employees motivated? Are YOU motivated?

Leadership development

What makes you a good leader?

What is coaching?
When do we need it?

Coaching is a form of development in which the coach, supports the learner or client (coachee) in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, guidance at one hand and full attention, great questions on the other.
Look at the questions and thoughts here →

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-confidence

Throughout the coaching process (usually 5-6 occasions) you have the chance to turn your attention to YOURSELF and find your own answers.

Personal consultancy

Have you set your goals, it is just to hard to stick with them? Need someone to guide you through, help you find your own way in achieving that is so important for you? Need an accountability partner?

Career coaching

When your life circumstances change your professional priorities might change as well. You can find support in establishing a new career and finding your own balance.

Leadership coaching

Are you a new leader facing difficulties with your team? Or are you a leader with years of experience and a tough situation? Or do you just simply want to develop as a leader / develop your leaders within the organization?

Leadership awareness

What does it take to be a good leader? Self-awareness, awareness of others’ perceptions of your leadership, and your own awareness of others’ needs. How well are you performing in these areas? 

Meet Silvia, the Pilot

The Sea has always played an important role in my life. Memorable ports, waves, storms and calm seas – I experienced them all during my journey.

I have arrived… 

After 20 years of study, work, experiment and experience in my professional and private life, now everything falls into place and evolves into something I have always dreamed of.
With all the various, yet convergent activities I perform, I assist my clients in finding their ways forward, and like a compass, I guide them in achieving their personal and professional fulfillment.

With their trust placed in me, I pilot my clients to grab the steering wheel of their lives and harmonize the waves of emotions, and I enable them to maneuver  their lives amid the biggest storms, confidently.

And how do I do that?



What others said about me

“If you aim for personal growth, group or organizational development you are at the right spot with Silvia.”

Orsolya Muhari, Resiliem

“Silvia is a natural. She was born to be a coach. Ever since I know her, I have learned a lot about myself, my competencies and how to apply them. She is the best support in problem solving!”

Ágnes Göcző, Marketingjam

“In Silvia, I found the support I have always been looking for. Whenever I talk to her I have great flashes of recognition and I get to see my own journey clearer and clearer each time.”

Anikó Fekete, Organikon

Online Coaching Opportunities

Well-Being Individual Coaching

 How does the science of psychology support personal well-being? 

Mastermind Group Coaching

You are the avarage of the five people that are around you most of the time… 

Action Learning Group Coaching

Different minds – different ideas. Take the most out of your group and develop together! 

Find Your Balance.
Set Your Goals.
Take A Challenge.
Reward Yourself.


‘Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions, these can be changed as your priorities change, new ones added, and others dropped.’

Christopher Columbus